Food Science Research Institute

Food Science Research Institute

About the institute

The Food Science Research Institute (FSRI) is a member of the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre. Its main tasks are the followings:

  • Acts as a knowledge base, which not only builds on the available knowledge - shared by other researchers - but also generates primary knowledge that is shared (in the form of publications, studies) with the community. The FSRI appears as a social partner in issues related to its special field of expertise.
  • A supporter of food innovation. FSRI is a cooperative partner for food entrepreneurs, in their R & D & I activities. It directly supports industrial R & D & I activities by offering expert consultancy services, research infrastructure and knowledge.
  • It contributes to the training of scientific and industrial professionals.

FSRI as a collective food science research centre aims at creating a bridge between food producers and food science. Beside its activities in fundamental research, it offers practice-oriented applied research services in the fields of technological sciences, food product development, food quality analyses, and origin protection.

Our basic goal is to understand the positive physiological effects of food with high added value and health-promoting properties. To achieve this goal we use in vitro digestion model systems and perform in vivo model experiments with rodents.

Important tasks of the Institute include the qualification and complex characterization of foods and food raw materials with modern DNA based methods as well as the development of new mild preservation technologies and other preservation methods. We also contribute to the development of origin protection systems and carry out research for the better understanding consumer behaviour and entrepreneurs needs.


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