Researchers Recruitment Programme

Researchers recruitment programme 3.

Valéria Mária Szigetközi-Molnár, assistant resercher fellow
Topic: Investigation of bioactive components in fruits and vegetables due to microbial contamination and treatment
Supervisor: Rita Tömösközi-Farkas, PhD, senior researcher

Adél Klupács, scientific co-worker
Theme: Research of novel DNA-based methods underlying the development of functional foods
Mentor: Dr. Erika Koppány-Szabó, senior research fellow

Judit Perjéssy, scientific co-worker
Theme: Development of lacto-fermented, functional foods
Mentor: Zsolt Zalán, senior research fellow


Researchers recruitment programme 4.

Ádám György Nagy assistant research fellow
Topic: Development of Immuno- and DNA sensors for food-analytical uses
Supervisor: Nóra Adányiné Kisbocskói, DSc, scientific advisor, head of dept.


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