András Nagy PhD

András Nagy PhD
Biológiai Osztály
tudományos főmunkatárs
1022 Budapest, Herman Ottó út 15.
Mobile: +36 704917847
E-mail: nagy.andras[at]

Dr. András Nagy obtained a PhD degree in 2009 in Food Science from Food Science Doctoral Programme of the Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary. Since 2015, he works as a senior research fellow at the Food Science Research Institute of the National Agricultural Research Centre (NAIRC-FSRI). During his scientific career he participated in several national and international projects; bilateral cooperations (polish, mexican, vallon); fellowships (Centre of Excellent fellowships) and he published in different scientific journals, conferences and workshops. He works in the protein laboratory, focusing on food allergens, proteins, peptides and in small conventional animal house. His main research areas are - in vivo digestibility of different proteins, allergens, bioactive peptides and components; -in vivo animal model for modulating humoral and cell-mediated immune response by lactic acid bacteria; -food safety assessment of a genetically modified bread wheat line; -development of immune analytical methods; - protein utilisation short and long term animal experiments; - protein, allergen and peptide separation and examination. He undertakes educational duties of MSc students in the topic of Food Safety and Immune analytical methods (Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary).



  • 2017- ; In-situ, complex water quality monitoring by using direct and immuno-fluorimetry as well as plasma spectroscopy (NVKP 16) - participant
  • 2017- ; Biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables in Hungary and China particularly with the food safety and human health (Hungarian - Chinese Intergovernmental S&T Cooperation programme, TÉT 16 CN-1-2016-0004) - participant
  • 2017-; Development of functional drinks and snacks and their production technologies from vegetables and fruits from domestic breeding based on biochemical metabolomical research (Hungarian R&D programme) - participant
  • 2014-2016; Applying new analytical and technological methods for the development of pastas based on the special floor mixture, which has a high added value, with health benefits proven by clinical researh and which is fortified with unique agent combinations (AGR-PIAC-13 project) - participant
  • 2014-2017; Development of diagnostic methods based on biomarkers for identification of origin (Hungarian R&D programme) - participant
  • 2014-2018; Interindividual variation in response to consumption of plant food bioactives and determinants involved (COST Action FA1403) (POSITIVe) Deputy Member of Management Committee from Hungary - participant
  • 2013-2014; Immunomodulative effect of Lactobacillus strain using in vivo animal model (contract with Portugal partner) - participant
  • 2011-2015; Improving health properties of food by sharing our knowledge on the digestive process (COST Action FA1005) (INFOGEST), Deputy Member of Management Committee from Hungary - participant
  • 2011-2013; Evaluation of bioactive peptides from meat and meat products (Hungarian – Mexican Intergovernmental S&T Cooperation programme TÉT 10-1-2011-0473) - participant
  • 2011-2012; Protein utilisation animal experiment after feeding of different pea, wheat and corn samples (contract with Hungarian partner) - participant
  • 2009-2013; Design and development of realistic food models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition (DREAM) (EU FP7 222654) - participant
  • 2008-2012; Biomarkers for post market monitoring of short and long-term effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on animal and human health (GMSAFOO) (EU FP7 211820) - participant
  • 2008-2010; Analysis of crossreactivity of selected food allergens in the context of food saferty (Hungarian – Polisch Acedemy of Sciences bilateral cooperation) - participant
  • 2008-2009; Production of mixed (LAB + yeast) probiotic starter culture (OMFB-00356/2008, Vallon-1/2007, Walloon-Hungarian Bilateral Intergovernmental S&T Cooperation Programme) - participant
  • 2007-2011; Changes of Mal d allergens in some domestic apple cultivars during ripening and storage (OTKA-67809) - participant
  • 2005-2007; Changes of allergenic and immunoreactive properties of selected foodstuffs in the results of natural enzymatic processes (Hungarian – Polisch Acedemy of Sciences bilateral cooperation) - participant
  • 2004-2007; Development of OWLS based immunosensors for detecting toxins produced by moduls (OTKA-46402) - participant
  • 2002-2005; Modulating immune response against a co-fed marker antigen with plant and microbial cell components used as oral adjuvant (OTKA-37986) - participant
  • 2002-2004; Immunomodulative properties of food-Establishment of a rat model to study immunotolerance to food protein antigens/allergens (Hungarian – Polisch Acedemy of Sciences bilateral cooperation) - participant
  • 2000-2003; Food safety related investigations of transgenic wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) tolerant to total herbicide (OMFB-02526/2000) - participant






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