Tamara Antal Otilia

Tamara Antal Otilia
Biológiai Osztály
tudományos munkatárs
1022 Budapest, Herman Ottó út 15.
Mobile: +36 706855908
E-mail: antal.otilia[at]eki.naik.hu

Dr. Otilia Tamara Antal earned PhD degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Szeged. During her higher education she earned practical experience in molecular biology, cell cultures, biochemistry, genetics and immunology. During this, her scientific activity was related to several fields: the investigation of the effect of cyanobacterial extracts and toxins on mammalian cell line; the selective enrichment of the physiologically effective enantiomers of ibuprofen; the research of the function of a cytoskeleton-regulating formin protein in the nervous system of Drosophila; the functional genomic assessment of cancerous tissues and cells. Since 2014, she works at the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre – Food Science Research Institute (NARIC-FSRI), Department of Nutritional Physiology. Among her task is the analysis of foodstuffs with the in vitro digestion models that are applied at the Department. Within the framework of this she makes analytical (measuring the activity of digestive enzymes and the reducing sugar content of samples) and microbiological (evaluating the prebiotic effect of the tested agent) assessments. She also actively participates in the development of the methods applied at the Department of Nutritional Physiology. One developmental direction is the corroboration of microbiological assessments with molecular biological results. Her expertise in quantitative PCR will support her during this process.



  • ED019 project (2017-): "Elaboration of digestion models for the development of functional foodstuffs.", supporter: Ministry of Agriculture, participant.
  • AGR­­-PIAC-13 project (2014-2016): „Determination of special flour-mixture based paste types with high added value, clinically tested health protective properties, enriched with unique agent-combination by application of novel analytical and technological processes", supporter: National Research, Development and Innovation Office, participant.
  • GOP project (2014-2015): „Development of mineral water product family having health protecting attributes, which are proved by human clinical studies. These newly developed products will contain specific bioactive components in forms of micro capsules", supporter: Ministry of National Development, participant.





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