Enikő Horváthné Szanics PhD

Enikő Horváthné Szanics PhD
Biológiai Osztály
tudományos főmunkatárs
1022 Budapest, Herman Ottó út 15.
Mobile: +36 704928483
E-mail: szanics.eniko[at]eki.naik.hu

Dr Enikő Horváth Szanics graduated in 2002 at the Szent István University in Food Science, in this year she started working in Central Food Research Institute. She obtained a PhD degree in 2007 in Food Science from the Food Science Doctoral Programme of the Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary. During her PhD studies she participated in proteomic projects in Belgium and the UK, she expanded her knowledge in two-dimensional electrophoretic separation and worked with LC-MS/MS and Maldi-MS systems. Presently she participates in the research of biological active plant proteins, focusing on the relationship between their structures and biological activity, using electrophoretic and chromatographic techniques.



  • OMFB-02526/2000: “Food safety related investigations of transgenic wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) tolerant to total herbicide” (2000-2003) – assistant researcher
  • OMFB-00378/2002: “Production of oligo-antigen peptide mix by enzyme catalysis and identification of potential allergen activity” (2001-2004) – assistant researcher
  • NKTH Biotechnology: „New strategies to improve qualty of cereals and legumes point of view of food safety” (2003-2006) – assistant researcher
  • FVM 43025: „The cultivation of triticale in areas with disadvantageous ecological potential” (2004-2006) – assistant research
  • OTKA 46988: „Peptides markers to predict food allergy” (2004-2007) – assistant researcher
  • DREAM (EUFP7): „Design and development of realistic food models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition”. (2009-2013).- assistant researcher
  • VM KFI project “Expanding the range of sustainable functional foods with high added-value based on leguminous seeds” (2017-2019) – assistant researcher






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