Adél Klupács

Adél Klupács
Biológiai Osztály
tudományos segédmunkatárs
1022 Budapest, Herman Ottó út 15.
Mobile: +36 706400422
E-mail: klupacs.adel[at]

Adél Klupács graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology in Biochemical Engineering in 2015. Since October 2015 she works at National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre - Food Science Research Institute as a scientific co-worker. She started her PhD studies at Szent István University Doctoral School of Food Science in September 2016. Her PhD thesis is the research of novel DNA-based methods underlying the development of functional foods. In her research, she deals with optimization and development of DNA extraction techniques, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), real-time PCR, and isothermal PCR and uses electrophoresis methods.



  • VM KFI project “Expanding the range of sustainable functional foods with high added-value based on leguminous seeds” (2017-2019) - Participant
  • VM KFI project “Investigation of composition data of walnut and almond cultivars and determination of their nutritional value“ (2017-2019) - Participant
  • VM KFI project “Research for the food application of GMO free, reduced trypsin inhibitor content soybean adaptable for domestic cultivation” (2017-2019) - Participant
  • VM KFI project “Improving the competitiveness of Food Protected Designation of Origin by fast, field-type DNA-based assays” (2017-2019) - Participant
  • Hungarian-Chinese bilateral R&D cooperation TÉT_16_CN-1-2016-0004 “Biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables in Hungary and China particularly with the food safety and human health” (2017-2020) - Participant





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